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Privacy Policy: Berlin Infringement Database

The Berlin Infringement Database is an application developed and hosted by the Center for European Integration at the Department of Political and Social Sciences of Freie Universität Berlin. The application does neither collect nor store any personal information, including entered data for filtering the database. The application does not use Cookies. While using the Berlin Infringement Database, your IP address and information about your browser and your operating systems (if not anonymized) as well as entered search terms will be sent to the server where the database is hosted. This is needed for the functioning of this webservice and cannot be avoided. Nevertheless these data will not be stored by the server. Please mind that the Berlin Infringement Database is a separately hosted data search tool that is embedded into the website of the Freie Universität Berlin. When browsing the website of Freie Universität, additional data might be collected and stored (see Privacy Policy).