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Governance Export by Regional Organizations

Project Director Prof. Dr. Tanja Börzel
Research Associates Prof. Dr. Vera van Hüllen (associated), Sören Stapel
student assistants Heba Ahmed, Lea Spörcke

Worldwide there are more than 130 regional organizations, situated on all continents. Prominent examples include ECOWAS in Africa, ASEAN in Asia and Mercosur in South America. In areas of limited statehood, these organizations have a specific role.

This project explores the contributions of regional organizations to the establishment of legitimate and democratic political structures within their member states (Governance Transfer). A number of experts with knowledge on several regions supports us in our endeavor.

We compare regional organizations’ objectives, partners, and instruments: What similarities and differences can we observe between and within regional organizations? Do they learn from each other? And finally, what impact do they have on their member states?