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The Jean Monnet Chair at the Center for European Integration

In September 2006, Prof. Dr. Tanja A. Börzel was awarded a Jean Monnet Chair by the European Commission. The funding enables the Center to intensify teaching and research activities and to organize new initiatives and a working paper series.


The Jean Monnet Chair enriches undergraduate as well as graduate teaching activities at the Center for European Integration in various ways. Apart from providing additional funds for textbook purchases and travel costs, the Jean Monnet Chair lays the foundation for excellent teaching by promoting research activities, exchange and networking as well as the publication of research results. Most courses on European Integration at the Otto-Suhr-Institute are led by Prof. Dr. Tanja A. Börzel and her research associates at the Center for European Integration.


Thanks to the Jean Monnet Chair, the Center for European Integration is able to organize a series of new events, which will foster international and interdisciplinary exchange between scholars and provide information on topics of European Integration to a broader public.

The Dahlem Talks on Europe (“Dahlemer Europagespräche”) bring together international researchers and practitioners to discuss recent developments and challenges to European Integration. The talks are intended to create public interest in questions of European Integration and stimulate new and creative concepts and ideas.

Starting in autumn of 2007, a seminar series will be established, giving German and international experts the possibility to reflect on the state of the art of research on European Integration. The first series is dedicated to “Europeanization goes East,” the second, starting in autumn of 2008, will deal with “Europe as an imagined community.” The aim of the seminar series is to initiate intellectual exchange between scholars within and outside the university as well as between researchers and students.

Furthermore, conferences and workshops will provide the opportunity to present and discuss research results of the Center. The first conference, “Making EU Law Work – inside and outside the European Union,” will take place in December 2007. Two further workshops in 2008/2009 are in the planning stages.  

Berlin Working Papers on European Integration

In the tradition of many Jean Monnet research papers, the Berlin Working Papers on European Integration publish recent works from the Center for European Integration and the Jean Monnet Chair.