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"Die EU und ihre BürgerInnen", JMCE conference 2012

At July 5th, 2012 the JMCE's conference "Die Europäische Union und Ihre BürgerInnen" took place. It has been the largest conference organized by JMCE so far. After three successful years of interdisciplinary examination and research on the topic, the JMCE invited scholars, academic staff, students, representatives of public authorities and interested civil society to Freie Universität Berlin. In five panels, the academic members of the JMCE presented their research results and discussed it with competent external discussants and the audience.


The panels adressed several different topics covering the whole spectrum of  JMCE's topic:

  •  "Why do states (not) comply with law – compliance in the EU”

  •  "Multilingualism in Europe and language politics of the EU”

  •  "The future of the euro area”

  •  “The EU-crisis: with solidarity towards a European identity?”

  •  "Rule of law in the new EU and civil rights of European citizens”


Summarizing, the conference has been a great success. The very mixed audience followed the panels with high interest and participated actively in the discussions. Positive feedback has been received in the aftermath of the conference. The academic members of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence gave each other valuable and insightful comments. Two special guests, Myriam Rancon and Franco Burgio, from the European Commission Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency attended the conference as they came for a monitoring visit to the JMCE of Freie Universität Berlin. Moreover, several academic members and the director had interviews before and after the conference to present the work of the Berlin Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence “The EU and its Citizens” to a wider public.

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