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Dr. Marianne van de Steeg

marianne van de steeg

Freie Universität Berlin

Kolleg-Forschergruppe "The Transformative Power of Europe"

Academic Coordinator






Marianne van de Steeg is a political scientist and presently works as a Post doc at the Research College 'Transformative Power of Europe' at the Free University of Berlin. Before that, she taught public administration and organisation sciences at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. She published extensively on a European public sphere. Other research interests are the public accountability of the European Council to national and the European parliament, and the effects of the politicization of media discourses on European citizens. She has lived in various European countries.

Marianne van de Steeg is the academic coordinator of the Winter Method School. Next to this, she will hold the team sessions on content analysis and accombine the participants throughout the whole event.