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Supervision of PhD theses

Prof. Sprungk supervises PhD theses within the research focus of the assistant professorship. They can be written in German or English.

Please adhere to the following procedure:

  • Contact me and present your research interest and question (europe@zedat.fu-berlin.de), so that I can clarify whether your topic generally fits into the profile of my assitant professorship.
  • Should this be the case, I will ask you to send me an exposé (approx. 5-8 pages) and to make an appointment in my office hours.
  • The confirmation that I will supervise your thesis can only be given after a one-on-one discussion of your exposé.
  • The admission to post-graduate studies at the Freie Universität Berlin is decided upon on request by the PhD admissions board of the Department of Political and Social Sciences.

Please also consider the possibility of obtaining your PhD in a structured PhD program supported the FU Berlin partners with, such as the Berlin Graduate School for Transnational Studies or the Center for Global Politics.