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Letters of recommendation

Dear students,due to growing demands for letters of recommendation and evaluations, I ask you to adhere to the following guidelines:

1) A necessary prerequisite to obtaining a letter of recommendation or evaluation from me is that you have visited one of my classes and handed in a written assignment (term paper, essay) or have taken a final exam.

2) The deadline for requests is four weeks before the application deadline. Please send your request to Ines Stavrinakis via email (europe@zedat.fu-berlin.de) early on, who, if applicable, will coordinate an appointment during my office hours with you.

3) As soon as I have agreed to write a letter of recommendation or evaluation, I will need the following documents and information from you:

  • CV with information on area of concentration in studies and areas of work as well as social involvement
  • List of seminars and lectures visited and course achievements
  • Indication of written assignment including evaluation that you have completed in my class (in the case of term papers or essays, please provide a copy)
  • Some notes on your motivation and qualification (in English if you would like the letter of recommendation to be written in English)

        Why are you applying for the program of study, foundation, organization, research

        institute etc.?

        Why do you uniquely qualify for the program, foundation, organization, research institute


  • A short description of the program of study, exchange program or job you are applying for (if applicable in English)
  • If necessary the form to be completed by the person writing the letter of evaluation and/or information on how the letter of reference should be issued. Please make sure the necessary personal information is already filled in.
  • All relevant contact information of the institution (especially the name of   the contact person and who the letter should be addressed to) as well as the date by which the letter of reference must be handed in.

Please hand in two copies of all documents: one printed version (Ihnestr. 22, Room 114, Monday through Thursday, 10am-12pm) and an electronic version via email (europe@zedat.fu-berlin.de). However, please only hand in the documents once I have agreed to write a letter of recommendation.

Good luck!