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Leo Ahrens



Ihnestr. 22
Room 216
14095 Berlin

Office hours

Thursdays, 10-12 am. Please send me an email beforehand.

I am a researcher and doctoral candidate at the Center for International and Comparative Political Economy. In the past I did research at the Horizon 2020 project "Combatting Fiscal Fraud and Empowering Regulators (COFFERS)" at the University of Bamberg.

Find out more about me on my personal website!

I research issues surrounding comparative and international political economy. My core research interests include economic inequality and redistribution (from both a taxation and welfare state perspective). I am also interested in the politics of redistributional policies. In my dissertation, I analyze how income inequality affects political preferences regarding redistribution. At the COFFERS project, I also researched the consequences of international tax cooperation.

Find out more about my research on my personal website!

An up-to-date list of publications is available on my website leoahrens.eu.

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