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Comparative Politics / Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU)

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

Important notice : 

The FFU goes digital! Due to the current situation all courses of the FFU will be held digitally during the summer term 2021. The FFU will continue its work. Please contact the team by email and telephone. 


The Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU) was founded in 1986 in conjunction with the chair for comparative politics at the Otto-Suhr-Institute with the goal of creating a research and educational centre for environmental social sciences.

Thanks to its internationally recognized expertise in global environmental and development issues, the FFU frequently acts in consultative capacity to ministries and governments in Germany and as well as to international institutions. The FFU also maintains partnerships with numerous research institutions, universities and non-governmental organizations in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Areas of research include:

  • climate change,

  • environmental and energy security and policy,

  • sustainable development with an emphasis on social issues, inequality and poverty reduction,

  • resource policy,

  • and biodiversity.

The FFU is particularly well known for its work on the role of pioneering states in policy diffusion, ecological modernization, policy and impact assessment, the role of indicators and development policy. Current research on energy policy focuses on topics such as renewable energy (wind, solar and biofuels), fossil fuels and atomic energy, energy efficiency and security as well as regional electricity, gas and oil markets. Actors, structures, processes, strategies and outcomes in environmental and transformational policy are examined from a social sciences perspective. Additionally, the institute houses the project Schools@University for Sustainability + Climate Protection (SchülerUni) with a particular focus on sustainable development.


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