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Robert Brandt


Robert Brandt studied economics at the Freie Universität Berlin and started in August 2012 to work for the Environmental Policy Research Centre ( FFU). He participates in the project "Future infrastructures for meeting energy demands. Towards sustainability and social compatibility " by the Helmholtz Alliance Energy-Trans as a scientific researcher.

 His main research topics are:

  •  Policy instruments for the transformation of the energy system 
  •  Comparison of political instruments for the further development of renewable energies and the necessary infrastructure with the neighboring European countries (including best-practice transfers)


His research focus is in the study of allocation incentives for the siting of renewable generation capacity to reduce the necessary grid expansion. 

He began his career in the training program of a German energy company and worked four years as a management consultant for various public utilities and energy providers. Among other projects he worked on the preparation of investment decisions in renewable generation capacities. In 2010 he started as a consultant for energy markets and regulation at the German Renewable Energy Federation. Since 2012, he is managing the BEE Plattform Systemtransformation.


Key research areas

Renewable energy, power infrastructure, allocation incentives, acceptance


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