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Cord Drögemüller

Cord Drögemüller

Local Views on Disposal Options, Legislation and Governance of Radioactive Waste in Germany. A Status Quo Analysis


Prof. Dr. Miranda Schreurs (FFU), PD Dr. Achim Brunnengräber (FFU), Prof. Dr. Clemens Walther (IRS)


Part of the research project ENTRIA (Website)


Public participation is an important issue regarding the future selection process for a radioactive waste disposal facility. Especially places in regions with suitable host rock formations will be investigated. Though the implementation of ‚good‘ participation which offers broad involvement of relevant interests groups in the course of new forms of government (governance) will be a challenge – especially at the regional level. Since current needs and perceptions of regional actors in Germany have not been studied scientifically in depth do date, this project wants to fill this gap.
How regional actors assess past radioactive waste policy and their expectations with regard to future radioactive waste governance will be investigated with guideline based interviews. The interviews will address local policy makers as well as authorities and civil society representatives in regions, which

  • are already affected from radioactive waste interim and final storage,
  • have suitable host rock formations and could therefore be potentially affected by the future site selection process,
  • have not and probably will not be affected by the site selecting process in future.