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Suwattana Kahintapongs

The Efficient Strategic Analysis of Alternative Energy Development Policy between Germany and Thailand

Betreuer / supervisors:

Prof. Dr. Miranda Schreurs



Since it is projected that energy demand will keep increasing, efforts have been made to explore and develop other potential energy sources to accommodate the increasing demand. Renewable energy, energy which is inexhaustible, and alternative energy are considered potential options, which will help reduce not only the country's dependency on imported energy but also risks of volatility of imported fuel prices. Several public agencies have carried out, without cease, researches into various renewable energy and alternative energy sources.

This research will aim to analyze an efficient policy and the other factors which have brought Germany to become a leader of renewable energy usage in the world while Thailand has still depleted energy day by day even there are many ongoing energy saving projects as well as issued environmental policies to reduce a usage of energy. This study will also focuses on the influencing factors which have made German people are aware and promoting of using renewable energy. Meanwhile Thai people have not still recognized the way to save unrenewable energy and not attempt to turn themselves for renewable energy usage.