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Arash Rezaeian

Arash Rezaeian

Model of Integrated regional Green Energy System

Betreuer / supervisors

PD. Dr . L. Mez, Prof. Dr. M. Schreurs, Prof. Dr. Y. Saboohi

Kurzbeschreibung / Description

In this research I am going to study transition of energy system in defined area such as a city or an Island to green energy system. Assume that we are going to change our traditional energy system (with centralized power plants and traditional energy consumption) to a new integrated carbonless and more efficient sustainable energy system. The concentration of this work is regarding planning, setting goals and proposing roadmaps. The main purpose is to develop a formulation and framework which could be applied to the propose roadmap for policymaker to achieve sustainable development within the local region in the long run. The goal is to propose a "Strategy for Development and Investment planning" considering   a holistic energy concept. It can be achieved by using a methodology of integrated modeling approach and comparative policy.


Finanzierung: Erasmus Mundus Scholarship