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Dr. Jan Beermann


Research Fellow

Ihnestraße 22
Room 3.11
14195 Berlin

Jan Beermann has worked since April 2015 at the FFU as a research associate for the EnAHRgie joint innovation group project on sustainable land usage and energy supply design at the municipal level.

Together with Dr. Kerstin Tews (project leader) and Prof. Miranda Schreurs (member of the academic supervisory group) Jan Beermann is conducting research on the implementation of Germany’s local energy transition based on the experiences of the district of Ahrweiler. He is part of the transdisciplinary innovation group of local stakeholders and researchers from research institutes across Germany that are working together to produce a 100% renewable energy concept for Ahrweiler. Jan Beermann brings a governance perspective to the project, investigating which coordination measures are required to best embed a local energy concept into a multi-level political system.

Jan Beermann has extensive experience in the development and coordination of research and teaching projects in the field of local energy and climate policy. Together with Prof. Miranda Schreurs (Director of the Environmental Policy Research Centre) Jan Beermann coordinated the CGP-SSRC Policy Forum’s Local Climate Change in East Asia Database project. He has also supported the development of numerous research networks at the Environmental Policy Research Centre including the Alexander von Humboldt Cities and Climate Change Network and the Indian-European Multi-Level Climate Governance Research Network, of which he is a member of the Steering Committee.

In addition Jan Beermann has run interdisciplinary teaching projects as part of the Technische Universität Berlin’s Energy Seminar, on themes such as ‘Cities and Climate Change’. A recipient of the Global Environmental Leaders Program (NUGELP) scholarship from Nagoya University in Japan, Jan worked as a guest researcher at the Institute of Sustainable Energy Policies in Tokyo, helping create their Global Status Report on Local Renewable Energy Policies.

Jan Beermann was awarded a doctoral scholarship by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) in 2011. His PhD research at the Environmental Policy Research Centre focuses on factors related to the successful implementation of local energy and climate protection projects conducted as part of German-Indian city-level cooperation.

Key research areas

Comparative analysis of subnational, national and international energy and climate policy; Germany’s local energy transition; governance in multi-level political systems; transnational cooperation; policy transfer



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