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Maarten Crivits

Maarten Crivits is researcher at the Centre for Sustainable Development (University of Ghent) and the Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO). He has a Master's in Philosophy and Sustainable Development and is finalizing a PhD in political science on political representation in the agro-food system. His major research interests include sustainable development, discourse analysis, democratic theory and agriculture. His research focuses on how theories and practices of political representation can be understood in a context of institutional ambiguity. More particularly his PhD focuses on how the concept of discursive representation can be understood in the context of the agro-food policy domain where traditional neo-corporatist arrangements are increasingly contested by emerging governance initiatives and new discourses.

While at the Freie Universität's Environmental Policy Research Centre, he will be working on and presenting his research, and is open to all exchange of ideas.