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Prof. Dr. Sung-Jin Leem

Environmental & energy policy, energy economics, Technology policy

Dr. Sung-Jin Leem is Professor at the department of administration and the Director of the Institute for Environmental and Energy Policy (IEEP) of the Jeonju University, South Korea. He was Dean at the college of social sciences of that University during 2011-2012. He graduated from FU Berlin in 1993 and completed his doctoral dissertation, “Least-Cost Planning as a Concept of Energy Policy to Prevent Climate Change”, in January 1997 at the FFU. His major academic field is environmental & energy policy transition in local and urban areas. Recently he has served as the President of the Korean Association for Local Politics Studies and a sub-committee member of the Presidential Committee on Local Autonomy Development in Korea. He is now staying at the FFU as a visiting scholar from September 2014 to August 2015, researching about the nature-inspired energy policy concept.