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Camila Nobrega Rabello Alves

Camila Nobrega Rabello Alves takes part in a program called “German Chancellor Fellowship” from Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. The program started in November 2015 and will go on until September 2016 at the Environmental Policy Research Center of Freie Universität. The aim of Camila’s project is to examine media coverage on climate Change and other environmental Impacts in a critical perspective. One of its main questions is the significance of some civil society actors in media coverage on environmental issues, especially women. It will look at the criminalization of some populations in the big discourse of Green Economy. This Project has an academic and practical approach. Many interviews are planned with actors from civil society, universities and media. In addition to academic articles, the project will result in a website with the content of the research.


The German Chancellor Fellowship (Bundeskanzlerstipendium) is a programme financed by the Federal Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt) and sponsored by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation to promote cross-cultural awareness and strengthen ties between Germany and five other countries: Brazil, China, EUA, India and Russia. There are up to 10 fellowships for each country per year. The programme is focused on different sectors such as society, politics, economy and culture. The first stage of the fellowship is an immersion in German language, culture and politics, by courses, lectures and meetings in institutions and organizations. After this, the fellow goes to the host institution (in this case, Freie Universität) and, with the support of the host, develops the awarded project that has to address intercultural dialogues. The final result of the project has not a standard outcome. It depends on the project’s aim and its developing process. After the fellowship has come to an end, it is expected that the fellows act as intermediaries between their own countries and Germany.