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Jose Felix Pinto-Bazurco

Jose Pinto-Bazurco is a guest researcher for the International Climate Fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. His research at the Freie Universität's Environmental Policy Research Centre aims to strengthen policy effectiveness at national levels, using the example of national institutional and legal frameworks related to environmental and climate policy, incorporating methods of comprehensive policy creation and transfer.

In his PhD thesis, he analysed the problems arising from policy and legal transfer between developed and developing countries. His main areas of interest are international environmental policy, and the implementation of multilateral agreements in developing countries.

Mr Pinto-Bazurco specialises in International Environmental Law, and has been a government advisor and member of the Peruvian delegation for climate negotiations until 2015. He has published the "Diccionario Internacional del Medio Ambiente" in 2014.

While at the FFU, he will be working on his research, and is open to presenting his research and exchange ideas.