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Dr. Götz Kaufmann

Götz Kaufmann

Research Associate

Götz Kaufmann graduated with a Diplom degree in political science and obtained the doctoral degree in environmental sociology. He has held professional research posts in Brazil, Argentina, Australia, and Canada dealing in areas such as globalization, political economy, political ecology, environmental justice, sustainable development and climate change. His overall field of expertise are methods.

His postdoc research project is CC-VISAGES (Climate Change - Vulnerability Inferred through Social Analysis, Geography, and Environmental Systems, click here to download a poster showing the research plan) is a research collaboration between the department of natural resources at McGill university, the Institute for Technique Assessment and System Analysis, and the Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU). The project is funded (2013-2015) by the Stiftung Deutsch-Amerikanische Wissenschaftsbeziehungen (SDAW) and analyses the climate change regime in the light of an environmentally unequal share of its burdens, comparing the examples of Canada, Brazil, and Germany.

As part of the project’s development, Götz Kaufmann founded together with colleagues the virtual Environmental Justice Institute (EJI) as an inter- and transdisciplinary network for environmental justice research and activity around the globe. Currently he holds position of managing director of the EJI whilst continuing the CC-VISAGES project.