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Dr. Ingeborg Niestroy

Research Associate



Ingeborg Niestroy has around 15 years of experience in sustainable development policies and multi-stakeholder processes. In the context of various studies she has researched on governance for sustainable development at national, European and international level. From 1999 – 2012 she was secretary-general of the European network of advisory councils for environmental policy and sustainable development (EEAC).

She is EU liaison officer for the Network of Excellence LIAISE (Linking Impact Assessment Instruments and Sustainability Expertise), Associate of the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), Board member & Secretary of the Club of Rome – EU chapter, and Delegate to the Consultative Committee for Industrial Change (CCMI) of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC).

Following research work for the Rio+20 conference 2012, she is currently working for the Asia-Europe Foundation on a study of Sustainable Development Goals, for the Bertelsmann Stiftung on Sustainable Development Strategies at various levels, as well as for the project “Global Network of National Councils for Sustainable Development.”

Inge studied (physical) geography, and received her Ph.D. in 2000 from the TU Berlin for a thesis on Strategic Environmental Assessment as instrument for environmental policy integration, analysing cases in Germany and California (planning, political science, legal perspective). The research was funded by the German Environment Foundation (DBU).


Niestroy, Ingeborg / García Schmidt, Armando / Esche, Andreas (forthcoming): Bhutan: Paradigms matter. In Bertelsmann Stiftung (ed.): Winning Strategies for a Sustainable Future – The Reinhard Mohn Prize 2013. Guetersloh.

Niestroy, Ingeborg / García Schmidt, Armando / Esche, Andreas (forthcoming): Finland: Paving the Way for a Social Contract for Sustainability. In Bertelsmann Stiftung (ed.): Winning Strategies for a Sustainable Future – The Reinhard Mohn Prize 2013. Guetersloh.

Cornforth, Jack / Niestroy, Ingeborg / Osborn, Derek (2013): The governance of scaling up successful sustainability practices: How can National Councils for Sustainable Development organise the wider use of national and regional examples? Discussion paper. Stakeholder Forum. http://www.ncsds.org/index.php/resources/think-pieces


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Ferretti, Johanna / Podhora, Aranka / Weingarten, Elke / Niestroy, Ingeborg (2012): Möglichkeiten und Hemmnisse zur Berücksichtigung von Umweltbelangen im Folgenabschätzungssystem der Europäischen Kommission. UVP-report 1/12. p. 4 - 9.


Niestroy, Ingeborg & Winnicki, Tomasz (eds.) (2011): UNCSD ►Rio 20plus - The "Green Economy" Agenda in the context of SD and Institutional Framework for SD at national level. Proceedings of the 19th Annual Conference of EEAC, 15 - 17 September, 2011, Wroclaw, Poland. http://www.eeac.eu/annual-conferences/wroclaw-2011#Downloads

Niestroy, Ingeborg (2011): Sustainable Development Councils at national and sub-national levels stimulating informed debate: Stocktaking. Stakeholder Forum, sdg 2012 series

2008 - 2010

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2006 - 2007

Niestroy, Ingeborg (2007): Peer review of the Netherlands' SD strategies/policies. Reflections on the process and learning points. Study commissioned by the Dutch Advisory Council for Research in Spatial Planning, Environment and Nature (RMNO).

Niestroy, Ingeborg (2007): Stimulating informed debate – Sustainable Development Councils in EU Member States. A compilation of tasks, capacities, and best practice. Study commissioned by the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE). http://www.nachhaltigkeitsrat.de/dokumente/eu-beitraege/

Niestroy, Ingeborg (2007): Sustainable Development Governance Structures in the European Union. In: OECD: Institutionalising Sustainable Development. OECD Sustainable Development Studies. p. 67-88. http://www.oecd-ilibrary.org/environment/institutionalising-sustainable-development/sustainable-development-governance-structures-in-the-european-union_9789264019096-8-en  

Niestroy, Ingeborg (2006): Sustainable Development Councils as Multi-Stakeholder Formations: Types, Styles and Roles in Sustainable Development Strategy Processes. In: The Club of Rome – Brussels Chapter: Civil Society Monitoring the EU Strategy for Sustainable Development. Proceedings of a Symposium in Brussels on April 5, 2006. p. 18–23. http://www.clubofrome.at/events/2006/brussels/p_niestroy.html  

Niestroy, Ingeborg (2006): Achievements and challenges for national sustainable development strategies in the EU: a governance perspective.  In: M. Pallemaerts & A. Azmanova (eds.): The EU and Sustainable Development: Internal and External Dimensions, VUB University Press, Brussels, p. 129-156. http://kar.kent.ac.uk/10852/  

2000 - 2005

Niestroy, Ingeborg (2005): The network of European Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Councils (EEAC), elni review 1/2005: 53-60. http://www.elni.org/fileadmin/elni/dokumente/Archiv/2005/artikel-heft-1/Ausgabe_05_01_niestroy.pdf


Niestroy, Ingeborg (2005): Sustaining Sustainability – a benchmark study on national strategies towards sustainable development and the impact of councils in nine EU member states.  EEAC series, Background study No.2. Lemma, Utrecht. 308p. http://www.eeac.eu/documents/publications/459-sustaining-sustainability-a-benchmark-study-on-national-strategies-towards-sustainable-development-and-the-impact-of-councils-in-nine-eu-member-states

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Niestroy, Ingeborg (2000):  Die strategische UVP als Instrument zur Integration von Umweltbelangen in andere Politikbereiche - Fallstudien im Bereich Wasserstraßenplanung an Elbe und San Francisco Bay. Dissertation TU Berlin. VWF, Verlag für Wissenschaft und Forschung. Berlin. 326 S. Summary: http://www.ps4sd.eu/images/IngePublic/0-sea-summary_niestroy_2000.pdf