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Dr. Annika Styczynski

The politics of sustainable urban mobility


Prof. Dr. Miranda Schreurs; Dr. Weert Canzler (WZB)


The Gearbox of Innovation: An Analysis of Political Drivers in Innovation Systems of Electric Mobility

This dissertation project deals with the question of how and when to politically intervene in favor of electric mobility using the examples of metropolitan Oslo (Norway) and the model region Berlin-Brandenburg (Germany).
The underlying analytical framework takes help from structures and functions of the technological innovation system (TIS) of electric mobility and reflects on strategic elements in the accompanying political decision making process through the lens of Punctuated Equilibrium Theory.
Finally, with the overarching idea of the Gearbox of Sustainable Innovation a generic theoretical system for environmental technological innovations is developed that can be used for scientific analysis. Subsequently the Gearbox of Sustainable Innovation will guide in political decision making.

Areas of Expertise:

• Sustainable (Low Carbon) Mobility
• Urban Transport Planning
• Comparative Public Policy
• Environmental Policy and Governance
• Environmental Finance & Carbon Markets
• Leadership Development & Capacity Building


Research Fellow, Economic Research Center Nagoya University
October 2011 - January 2012

Research Fellow, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
November - December 2012

Research Fellow, Center for International Climate and Environmental Research (CICERO)
March-June 2013; sponsored by Norwegischer Forschungsrat and E.ON Ruhrgas


Styczynski, A.; Wolf, J.; Tah, S.; Bose, A. [2014] When decision making processes fail: an argument for robust climate adaptation planning in the face of uncertainty, In: Environment Systems and Decisions, Special Issue: Climate and Energy Decision Making Under Uncertainty, December 2014, Volume 34, Issue 4, pp. 478-491.

Annika Styczynski [2012] Historical Benefit and Contemporary Approaches to Sustainable (Low Carbon) Urban Transport in Japan. Economic Research Center, Graduate School of Economics, Nagoya University, September 2012.