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Event Series

Berlin Conference

Every two years, the research group Policy Assessment organizes the Berlin Conference on the Human Dimensions of Global Change.

Berlin Sustainability Talk

The Berlin Sustainability Talk is a brown bag seminar at the FFU in which current research by members of the institutes as well as external researchers on various topics related to environmental policy and sustainability issues is presented and discussed.

Reform Group

The REFORM Group (Restructuring Energy Systems For Optimal Resource Management) is an international network among research organisations, universities, SMEs and decision makers involved in the scientific and technical system of research and policy consultancy in the energy field. Established in 1991 by Prof. Atle Midttun und PD Dr. Lutz Mez with the aim of fostering interaction and transfer of knowledge between research, policy, politics and innovation and accelerating the transformation of the energy system, the core group has grown to over 50 members. Cooperation takes place through international joint initiatives, e.g. projects and publications, workshops and since 1995 an annual conference at Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzburg; Austria (link). Programmes and presentations of the previous annual conferences can be found in the archive.

SchülerUni / Pupil's University "Nachhaltigkeit und Klima"

How can we make the world fair and sustainable in the long term?
These and other future-oriented issues on sustainable development are the subjects for our SchülerUni for sustainability and climate protection.
From March 2012 until the end of 2015, we offer our free programs in spring and fall.

SUSTAIN IT! Initiative for Sustainability + Climate Protection

The initative SUSTAIN IT! has the comprehensive goal of discussing local and global questions of sustainability in the fields of politics, science, economics, adminstration, technology, society and education. Moreover, we want to contribute to making the Freie Universität Berlin a "greener" place.
In the summer semester 2013, we have an interdisciplinary lecture series.