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What documents are required for enrolment?

You must enrol at the FU Berlin each year, even if you are only present in Berlin during your third or fourth year. This means that when you send in your enrolment documents you should include a request for a leave-of-absence for your time in France. Only then will you be exempt from paying the semester fees in Berlin.

At FU Berlin there is no option for online enrolment. Enrolment must take place via post.

You can find the 'Immatrikulationsantrag' (enrolment form) here.

When filling out the enrolment form, please refer to the list of course codes (Schlüsselnummer) on page 6.

A few points of advice on filling out the enrolment form:

  • Elegibility for university study: Grade conversion won't be necessary if you completed your Abitur outside of Germany. For all other qualifications please consult the list of course codes. If you completed your Abitur outside of Germany the course code is 39.
  • Intended final degree: If you are enrolling in the Master's, enter the number 88. If you are enrolling in the dual Bachelor's, enter 39.
  • Course/field of study: Please enter the code for the course and also type the full name. The Master's programme 'Politikwissenschaft - Affaires européennes/Affaires internationales' has the code number 747. The Master's in 'Public Policy & Management' has the code number 742. The Bachelor's in 'Politikwissenschaft – Sciences Sociales' has the code number 778.
  • The section on 'intermediate examination' can be left blank.

Please also attach the following documents to your enrolment form:

  • Letter of admission, which we will send to you via email.
  • A notarised copy of your Bachelor's degree transcipt (or relevant equivalent), or a notarised copy of your Abitur certificate.
  • Formal request for a leave of absence.
  • Certificate of exemption (if you are insured abroad) or a letter of confirmation from your insurance.

Please send all documents to Sabine Krüger in the records and administration office:

Freie Universität Berlin


z.Hd. Frau Sabine Krüger

Iltisstraße 1

14195 Berlin


Please do not send your documents to the administration of the Franco-German dual degree programmes!