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Tuition fees and scholarships

Please note the following differences in fees for the dual Master's program:

Students with a first degree from Free University of Berlin (Bachelor) are exempt from paying tuition fees at HEC. However, at the beginning of their first and second year, these students are required to pay a enrolment fee of € 750 to HEC (an overall amount of € 1500 if you complete within 2 years). In their second year, these students must also pay a semester fee (which includes enrolment fees, social contributions and the semester ticket for public transporatation) to the Free University of Berlin

Student without a first degree from Free University of Berlin must pay a tuition fee of € 21.500 (this includes the enrolment fee) to HEC Paris. The tuition fees cover the cost of the entire program and will have to be paid only in the first year. However, the enrolment fee will need to be paid in the second year.


Mobility grant of DFH-UFA and other scholarship opportunities

The Franco-German University (DFH-UFA) allows for mobility grants to be awarded to students during their stay abroad in the binational Master's program. Currently, the grant amounts to 270 € per month.

Students can apply for scholarships as well as partial reimbursement of tuition, e.g. at the DAAD, the foundations of the German political parties or trade unions.