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Program Structure

Master I

At HEC, students spend the  first year of the  program within the framework of the Master's program Master in Management. In mandatory courses and electives, students learn the practical and theoretical foundations of business and management studies as well as statistics. Furthermore, students take a seminar on intercultural management designed especially for the program, where they will be sensitized towards the management of cultural differences. Finally, HEC offers various opportunities to improve your language skills (English, French, German).

The course at HEC usually begins at the start of September and runs until the end of May.

Master II

The program at Freie Universität Berlin consists of modules taken from the Master's program in Political Science, as well as a seminar on comparative administrative studies, designed especially for the students of this program. Students also participate in a seminar on methods in political science to help them in the preparation of their Master's thesis.

The course at the FU Berlin usually begins at the start/towards the middle of October and runs until the end of September.


Students who have not yet completed a ten-month internship prior to the program can complete the internship after their studies in France and Germany. You can find further information as well as help finding an internship at the Career Service of Freien Universität Berlin and the Pôle Carrières de l'Ecole. A list of potential contacts for the internship is available at the program office.