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Program Structure

Bachelor I

Students spend the first two years of their studies at the Campus européen franco-allemand in Nancy, where they will be enrolled either in the Trilingual European Program or the Biligual European Program. As part of their studies in Nancy, students will also complete the first part of the module "Germany and France in Europe."

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Bachelor II

Students spend the third and fourth year of the Dual Degree Bachelor's Program in Politikwissenschaft - Sciences Sociales at the Otto-Suhr-Institute of Political Sciences at the Freie Universität Berlin. During their studies in Berlin, they will complete the following modules:

  • Introduction to Research Methods
  • Introduction to Qualitative Methods
  • Modern Political Theory
  • Political Systems and Comparative Analysis
  • Theory, Empirics and History of International Relations

During this time students are also required to choose between various modules of specialization and to complete the  second part of the module "Germany and France in Europe." At the end of their studies in Berlin, the students of the program write a Bachelor's thesis.

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Module Germany and France in Europe

The module consists of two joint seminars which will be held in Nancy and Berlin and led jointly by lecturers from Sciences Po and the Otto-Suhr-Institute. The seminars will be held in German and French and deal with Franco-German comparative studies and Franco-German bilateral relations within the context of European integration. The seminars will also deal with the distinct methodological approaches in Germany and France and practices cooperation in the intercultural context.



Between the first two years, students will complete a four week internship ("stage de terrain") according to the rules and regulations of Sciences Po. Between the second and third year, students will complete an internship of at least 6 weeks according to the rules and regulations of the Dual Degree Bachelor's Program Politikwissenschaft – Sciences Sociales of Freie Universität Berlin.

Further information on the internships, as well as support in finding an internship, can be obtained at the Career Service of Freie Universität Berlin and at Sciences Po Avenir. A list of possible contacts for interships is available at the Franco-German office at Freie Universität Berlin.