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Affective and Cultural Foundations of Integration Following Flight and Migration


Freie Universität Berlin

Principal Investigator:
Research Team:

Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
Program „Migration und gesellschaftlicher Wandel“
Area I: "Diversität und kultureller Wandel durch Zuwanderung"

Jan 01, 2018 — Aug 31, 2020


The collaborative AFFIN project explores migratory movements that result grow out of forced displacement and the integratory and social challenges for asylum seekers and host societies. Migration goes hand in hand with cultural diversity – speaking other languages, differing religious believes and social practices are increasingly labelled as socially disruptive in the public discourse. Meanwhile, much of the academic debate concerning integration centered around education, skills and competences, as well as acceptance of norms and inclusion in institutions as the essential answer to societal cohesion. The main argument of this Project is that social coherence is defined at least as much by values, emotions and feelings. Aim of the joint project at hand is to explore these still marginally researched aspects of integration in a multidisciplinary fashion to shed light on migration led societal changes and to develop policy recommendations for public and political stakeholders. 

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