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Manuela Beyer


Thesis “Listen to Your Heart.” Historical Developments in the Advice on Emotions in the German Youth Magazine BRAVO 1961 - 2011."

PhD Candidate


  • Born 1983
  • 2003-2010 Magistra Artium in Sociology, Psychology and Journalism at Leipzig University. Thesis: „Bi yourself. Barrieren und Chancen bisexueller Identitäten bei jungen Frauen.“
  • 2006-2007 Master of European Political Sociology at Dalarna University, Sweden.Thesis: „Shooting (a) Woman. Comparative Study of Gender Roles in American and Italian Western Movies.“
  • since 2010 Research Associate at the Cluster of Excellence "Languages of Emotion", Freie Universität Berlin, Project "Embodying the nation: Collective emotions and national identification"


Working title of the dissertation project: “Listen to Your Heart.” Historical Developments in the Advice on Emotions in the German Youth Magazine BRAVO 1961 - 2011."

Ever since Hochschild's “Managed Heart,” feeling rules are generally considered a highly relevant aspect of (emotional) culture. Despite being a widely used concept, the actual contents of feeling rules in specific social contexts have only sparsely been investigated in Germany. The dissertation project aims to uncover historical developments in media representations of feeling rules and emotions in Germany between 1961 and 2011. To do so, I am interpreting the prescriptive advice pages in the German youth magazine BRAVO, one of the most influential youth magazines during that time. Theoretically, I draw on civilization theory and recent approaches in the sociology of emotions emphasizing a reflexive self, emotion management, and the increasing role of emotions for guiding and legitimizing social action more generally.

Major fields

  • Sociology of Emotions
  • Social Identities
  • Sociology of Sexuality
  • Qualitative Methods
  • Nations and Nationalism


  • von Scheve, C., Beyer, M., Ismer, S., Kozlowska, M., Morawetz, C. (accepted). Emotional Entrainment, National Symbols and Identification: A Naturalistic Study around the Men's Football World Cup. Current Sociology.
  • Beyer, M., von Scheve, C., Ismer, S. (forthcoming). The Social Consequences of Collective Emotions: National Identification, Solidarity, and Out-Group Derogation. In Sullivan, G. (Ed.), Emotions of Collective Pride and Group Identity: New Directions in Theory and Practice. New York: Routledge.