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Dr. Simon Teune

Simon Teune
Image Credit: Chris Grodotzki


SFB 1512 Intervening Arts project B03

Grunewaldstr. 34
12165 Berlin

Simon Teune (Dr.phil., FU Berlin) is a political sociologist with a research focus on the study of social movements and protests. He works in the sub-project "Expectations of Efficacy in Artistic Interventions" of the collaborative research center "Intervening Arts". Teune has been researching the cultural embedding of protest movements using both qualitative and quantitative methods. He is particularly interested in the visual representation as well as in the media coverage of protest.

Teune is also part of the Institute for Social Movement Studies, a self-organized research institute, specialized in collaborative ad-hoc research on current protests, and a hub for 180 social movement scholars.

Research interests: social movements, protest, civil society, public sphere