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Effects of Environmental Protest in the Federal Republic of Germany

Project coordinator

Dr. Jochen Roose

Project researcher

Manuela Beer, M.A.

Research question

The project assesses effects of environmental protest in Germany in a longitudinal analysis. Protest event analysis, i.e. the analysis of environmental protests as they are reported in daily newspapers over the years, offers data on protest activity by the movement for long time spans. The project will use data from the PRODAT-project by the Social Science Research Centre Berlin for 1970 to 1994 and the German data set of the TEA-project (Transformation of Environmental Activism) for 1988 to 2000. For the whole period covered time series are collected on dimensions which might be affected by environmental protest, such as media attention for environmental issues, attitudes towards environmental protection, action of political and economic elites, environmental behaviour and the environmental situation. In a secondary analysis, indicators for these dimensions are identified and prepared for analysis.

If protest has effects on these dimensions they should become visible in the aggregate besides the particular circumstances in each single conflict constellation. First results are due to be published in 2006.


01.11.2003 – 31.10.2004


The project is funded by the Fritz Thyssen Stiftung.