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Dr. Endre Borbáth

Garystr. 55
Room 309
14195 Berlin


Since 01/2019: Postdoctoral Researcher at the chair for political sociology at the Freie Universität Berlin, and at the Center for Civil Society Research at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center.

12/2018: PhD in Political and Social Sciences, European University Institute

09/2014-12/2018: PhD researcher in Political and Social Sciences at the European University Institute, Florence, Italy

09/2012-08/2014: Master of Arts in Political Science, with a certificate in Electoral Politics, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary


Research interests

party competition and protest in a comparative perspective, programmatic structure, economic crisis, East-West differences, cleavages


For further information on my research projects, publications, and up to date CV, please visit my personal webpage http://www.endre-borbath.eu/