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Application process

First semester

Admission for the 1st semester of the master’s program is only possible for the winter semester. You can apply between April 15 and May 31. You have to submit all relevant documents during that period.

Higher semester

Admission for the 3rd semester is possible for the winter semester, for 2nd and 4th semester for the summer semester. Information about application deadlines can be found in the academic calenadar.

Students with a German degree

Students with a first degree in Germany (Bachelor or equivalent) apply directly via the Freie Universität application portal. Please read all information concerning the application process and the documents to be uploaded here.

Students with a Foreign degree

Foreign prospective students who have not received their university degree in Germany have to apply via uni-assist.

Please carefully check the guidelines how to apply via uni-assist and find here an overview of the required documents.

Uni-assist is an administrative agency that will first check the sufficiency of your documents and then forward them to Freie Universität Berlin. Subject-specific entry requirements are not checked by uni-assist. The university itself decides whether to admit each candidate. 

Please assure that your application arrives at the uni-assist office before the application deadline ends! Due to the high number of applicants, uni-assist may need a longer period of time to process and check your documents. Therefore, we recommend to apply early and to send all documents to uni-assist as soon as possible.