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On Blackboard, you can find all the courses that you have registered for in Campus Management and any material for these courses that the lecturer has uploaded.

After entering the Blackboard portal, the current courses are listed on the right. By clicking on a particular course, the course’s dashboard is opened and shows at first the newest announcements for this course.

On the left side one can now see different folders such as “Announcements”, “Session & Course Material” or “Discussion Forum”.

The structure and functions of Blackboard are quite self-explanatory and intuitive. At the beginning of the semester it is advisable to take a closer look at one’s selected courses on Blackboard by exploring and clicking through the different functions.

Normally, students are added to the Blackboard courses by the lecturers automatically. If this is, for some reason, not the case, please approach the lecturer by sending an e-mail or during the first sessions personally.