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How to register for courses in Campus Management

Campus Management is the tool for course (de-)registration and gives you an overview of your (completed) courses and grades. It also serves as the basis for the generation of your Transcript of Records.

How to register for a course?

  • Course registration starts approximately 2-4 weeks before the semester begins. Please register for the courses within the registration deadline

  • There are courses with limited and unlimited number of participants:
    After the registration deadline, you will be assigned to the courses. In the first two weeks, you can get to know the courses and decide which ones you are going to take. If you want to drop a course, you need to de-register on Campus Management to open up space for others. 

    • All lectures are unlimited courses to which students are automatically registered (if the respective module is chosen).
    • All seminars are limited courses to which a participation quota applies. Therefore, you can choose several seminars and rank them according to your preferences with number 1 indicating the highest preference and successively decreasing preference with higher numbers.
  • A few weeks into the semester, the second registration period ends. After this date, you will have to fill out this form to deregister from a course.

This detailed 10 minute video (in German and English) explains again all important aspects such as registration and de-registration of courses