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Infos for the summer semester 2022 for teachers

Status 1 April 2022

The current regulations/corners for the summer semester 2022 can be found on the FU info page.

Accordingly, the most important rules for teaching are:

  • The 3G obligation will no longer apply to lecturers and students.
  • The obligation to document attendance in courses will be dropped.
  • An FFP2 mask must be worn in closed rooms. The obligation does not apply during examinations or for lecturers at   their assigned place if the minimum distance is not undercut.

Wearing an FFP2 mask in the buildings of the FU Berlin is updated in the framework hygiene plan of the FU Berlin. We ask you to explain this rule in the courses in the sense of a self-commitment and for the protection of all. We would like to add the following information for our department. For students who have so far
have had little or no face-to-face study, orientation and a well-planned course schedule are particularly important. Please remember to communicate the rules in your course and your expectations of the participants at the beginning of the semester. Please be aware of additional counselling needs and questions from students. You can hold consultation hours digitally or in person. Please be accommodating and appropriate to the situation when dealing with compulsory active participation and/or compulsory attendance in face-to-face courses. If a student does not achieve the required level of regular and active participation for an important reason - and in addition to § 9 Para. 4 RSPO, these can also be pandemic-related constellations - you can make an agreement on an appropriate substitute study performance in individual cases.

Positive test result

  • If you are found to be infected with Covid 19, please report it immediately to covidpandemie@polsoz.fu-berlin.de   
  • General information on the reporting procedure can be found HERE.  If we want to maintain face-to-face teaching, we must act with the utmost caution and responsibility.