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Infos for the winter semester 21/22 for students

Dear students,

With this letter, the Department of Political and Social Sciences would like to inform you of the rules and regulations that will apply to in-person teaching in the winter semester 2021/22. In the winter semester there will be a mix of digital and in-person teaching.

The rules are based on the regulations at the FU Berlin, which can be read on the FU info page.

In the winter semester 2021/22, the Department of Political and Social Science is relying on the following basic principle: courses are a social space. This means that everyone shows respect for others, follows the rules and relies on trust and communication.

 Preparation of the winter semester

  • Please ensure well before lectures start that you are informed in which form (presence, hybrid, digital) and where (room?!) your courses will take place. You will find the relevant information in the course catalogue. If in doubt, please ask the lecturers.
  • You can find a lot of information about the beginning of the semester on the continuously updated website of the Department of Political and Social Science. Also, you will soon find a list of public rooms at Freie Universität and at the department here.
  • If your preferred courses are held in presence without digital access, but you do not want to or cannot attend in presence, you are not entitled to a digital or hybrid course. Please take this into account when choosing your course or discuss your case with the lecturers.

 Rules for studying in presence

  • Masks are compulsory for everyone, even at the course. If you participate in a course where the minimum distance of 1.5 m can be maintained, the medical mask is sufficient; without minimum distance, FFP2 masks become mandatory.
  • The 3-G rule applies at Freie Universität. The exact regulations can be found on the FU website. The university will randomly check the compliance with the 3G rules. Also, the lecturers can check the compliance in the context of their course by asking students for the relevant documents.
  • Your attendance must be registered for each individual session of the in-person course in order to be able to prove contact chains if necessary. Contact tracking is organized with the application a.nwesen.de. Please scan the QR code when entering the room. This applies to every session. All university employees are strongly encouraged to use the federal government's Corona alert app.
  •  If you participate in a hybrid course in which visual material is transmitted via WebEx, the lecturer will ask you to provide a declaration of consent (also every course). Only with each individual person’s consent in the in-person course will it be possible, for example, to transmit speeches of students in combination with the image of the speaker(s). If you do not want to do this, please consider whether you can alternatively attend another course without hybrid format, connect yourself digitally or find other solutions. Please talk to your lecturers.
  • If you have not been vaccinated in your country of origin or have received a vaccine that is not licensed in Germany, you can find further information about vaccination possibilities here.


  • Examinations can be held in presence or as distance examination formats (often online). The lecturers or the departments responsible for teaching decide on the type of examination. The lecturers will inform you on time about the examination format in their courses.

General information

  • Libraries may offer lending and online services and open workstations and PC pools by appointment. Full or partial utilization of available spaces is dependent on the pandemic situation. Please check online for options at the library of your choice well in advance of your planned visit.

Positive test results

  • A positive test result should be reported to the department administration to identify and inform possible contacts. Please use this email address for this purpose: Covid-Pandemie@polsoz.fu-berlin.de

Please indicate your full name, the course you attended and the lecturer. Please feel free to additionally inform the lecturer.

Study and Examination Office

  • Please feel free to use the consultation services (telephone consultation hours, e-mail or also via Webex upon request) of the Study and Examinations Office. You can find further and more detailed information on the website of the Study and Examination Office.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to meeting you again soon in presence.

Dean for Studies of the Department of Political and Social Sciences
Prof. Dr. Maria Löblich