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Associated Projects

The KFG provides a platform for young research groups and innovative approaches that examine the role of the transformative power of Europe, the EU as promoter and recipient of ideas, and analyze the mechanisms and effects of internal and external diffusion processes.




The Global Pathways project is a collaboration of scholars from the sociology of science, bibliometrics, and International Relations (IR) based in Germany, the United States, and Japan. The aim of “Global Pathways” is to examine whether and how the social and topical structure of scientific communities affects the diffusion of knowledge within and among these communities in the field of IR. In particular, we want to analyze how various communities relate to each other and identify the mechanisms of knowledge diffusion that operate within and between them (e.g. socialization, information channeling, and innovation). ...[read more]


Varieties of Punishment – Regional Sanctions in Theory and Practice

Non-interference in domestic affairs was a pillar of early regional cooperation. By contrast, nowadays most regional organizations have instituted possibilities to use internal sanctions against members or – more rarely – foreign policy sanctions against third countries. This trend is an important expression of how regional organizations adopt increasingly political priorities in the spheres of peace and security, as well as democracy and human rights...[read more]