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Famous Last Words

Mar 02, 2016

Amanda Clayton & Ed Stoddard

Amanda Clayton & Ed Stoddard

Amanda Clayton and Ed Stoddard tell us about their time at the KFG.

Amanda Clayton

A few lines of thanks seem wholly inadequate to fully express my gratitude to the KFG team. The research center provided a thoroughly supportive and intellectually stimulating post-doc year. Under the considerable leadership talents of Tanja and Thomas, I felt productive, intellectually pushed, and welcomed into a vibrant community all at the same time. Many thanks all around for a great year and a spectacular team.

Ed Stoddard

My year at the KFG was a fantastic experience, professionally, academically, and socially. Few environments offer one such an opportunity for intellectual stimulation, concerted, uninterrupted work in a supportive setting, and fora for helpful and extensive feedback. Between the regular Jour Fixe, our informal opportunities for discussion and conversations over coffee and lunch – I benefited enormously from my time at the KFG. Beyond the academic environment, I was also lucky enough to work alongside a lovely group of exciting and friendly people with whom it was a pleasure to spend a year in Berlin. I look back on my year at the KFG with much fondness and friends and colleagues there will be sorely missed. Many thanks to Tanja, Thomas, and all at the KFG for a wonderful experience!