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Famous Last Words

Jun 08, 2017

Harrison K. Mwilima, Image Credit: Mwilima

Harrison K. Mwilima, Image Credit: Mwilima

KFG PhD Alumni Harrison Kalunga Mwilima tells us about his stay at the KFG.

It was a great opportunity to pursue my PhD under the KFG. Throughout the three and a half years I spent at the KFG, I got lots of support from different professors, post-docs and fellow PhD students through their comments on my research during the Jour Fixes. Various events at the KFG such as dinners, visiting Christmas markets and barbequing, provided to me a nice balance between the serious research work I had to do and other activities beyond this work. The KFG financed my PhD studies, research trips and my travels for conferences. Many thanks to Tanja and Thomas, to the administration team (Anne, Astrid, Katja, Lisa and Tina) and the entire KFG fellows.