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Famous Last Words: Maria Debre and Oheneba Boateng

Aug 21, 2018

Maria Debre/ Oheneba Boateng

Maria Debre/ Oheneba Boateng

Maria Debre and Oheneba Boateng tell us about their stay at the KFG.

“My time at the KFG was a defining period in my academic and professional development. By funding my fellowship, the KFG allowed me to focus on the essentials of researching and writing my doctoral work. I had the opportunity to work with and learn from supportive professors who provided guidance and insightful feedback on my work, and with dedicated staff whose support helped me navigate various administrative and bureaucratic processes. My achievement and experience at the KFG will certainly have a lasting impact on my career.”

- Oheneba Boateng

"The KFG was the perfect environment to pursue my PhD. It is a wonderfully supportive and enriching environment with a changing cast of researchers off all levels of seniority from around the world. Especially the weekly jour fixe and dinner provided so many important opportunities to exchange and engage with the other researchers, also on a personal level. I learned everything there is to know about regional organizations, research design, presentation, and academic debate during these sessions, and my dissertation would not have been as successful without this constant input. Many of the conversations and connections turned into academic cooperation and friendships that will surely last for years to come. I am very grateful to Tanja, Thomas, the administrative team and all off the fellows for making my PhD such a great experience." 

- Maria Debre