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Aug 05, 2015

Alessandra Russo & Merran Hulse

Alessandra Russo & Merran Hulse

Alessandra Russo and Merran Hulse tell us about their time at the KFG.

Alessandra Russo

My experience at the Research College has been unique and inspiring in so many ways: each and every member of the staff made me feel part of an amazing team. All the KFG fellows have been extremely generous with their time, advising and motivating me in my final stage of the PhD. The research environment was creative and constructive, as we had several occasions to discuss about each other’s advancements, perspectives, and materials, learning from experienced professors as well as younger researchers. This creates bridges across different approaches, prepares the ground for new collaborations and projects and encourages actual comparative engagements. Of course, all this is made possible by an extraordinary organization and tireless enthusiasm at all levels!

Merran Hulse

My six-month sojourn as a PhD Fellow at the KFG was immensely productive and enjoyable. Time dedicated to research and writing and the collegial atmosphere resulted in a complete draft of the PhD manuscript, with lots of useful feedback along the way. The weekly Jour Fixe provided a forum for intense discussions on cutting-edge research, and it is one of the best places for substantial feedback on a research project I’ve yet encountered. The weekly KFG dinners and informal coffees and beers provided a welcome social outlet, and a forum for discussion of (mostly) less serious topics. The friendships forged here will last a lifetime. I’d like to thank Tanja and Thomas, the management team, and all the KFG’s fellows and post-docs for making my stay so enjoyable, and commend their excellent work at the KFG.