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Famous Last Words

Dec 03, 2015

Emmanuel Adler & Inken von Borzyskowski

Emmanuel Adler & Inken von Borzyskowski

Emanuel Adler and Inken von Borzyskowski tell us about their time at the KFG.

Emanuel Adler

The academic year I spent at KFG was one of the most productive years of my entire career. Under the very able leadership of Tanja Börzel and Thomas Risse, KFG provided not only the space and time to write a book manuscript on Cognitive Evolution, but also a very stimulating intellectual environment to do my work. Moreover, I learned from the weekly seminars, conferences, and especially from the scholars I met. I also would like to mention KFG’s professional and kind staff, which helped make my stay at KFG enjoyable. Finally, I would like to mention the spirit of community that comes with affiliation to KFG, thus the appropriateness of the motto “once KFG, always KFG.”

Inken von Borzyskowski

I could not have imagined a better post-doc year. The KFG fellowship allowed me to focus squarely on my research and provided a stimulating intellectual environment: lively debates at the weekly workshop, international and intellectually diverse colleagues, and a highly welcoming environment. Moreover, Tanja and Thomas went above and beyond in their support throughout the year in a number of ways, not least of which is supporting my book workshop and giving me the opportunity to weigh in on some of the chapters in the new Oxford Handbook on Comparative Regionalism. We had a truly wonderful year in Berlin. Many thanks to Tanja, Thomas, and their team!