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Workshop "Varieties of Punishment"

Apr 07, 2017 - Apr 08, 2017

Workshop on Regional Sanctions at KFG ‘The Transformative Power of Europe, Freie Universität Berlin, 7-8 April 2017


The African Union, the Economic Community of West African States, the Organization of American States, the Common Market of the South, the Union of South American Nations, the Council of Europe, the Commonwealth of Nations, and the League of Arab States have all used sanctions against members during the 2000s. Suspension of membership and targeted sanctions have created an unprecedented political mandate for regional organizations (ROs) in the domains of human rights, democracy and security. However, ROs display considerable variation in their approaches to sanctions. Not only do active senders of sanctions differ in procedure and policy content; some organizations (e.g. the European Union, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations) remain reluctant to use sanctions against members.


The workshop aims to initiate a mutually constructive conversation between sanctions scholars with an interest in ROs as emerging senders of sanctions, and researchers of comparative regionalism with an interest in sanctions. In addition, the workshop can be of interest for area specialists and researchers of international and regional organizations.

Further Information

For further information please contact transform-europe@fu-berlin.de