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KFG Closing Conference "The Transformative Power of Europe Re-Visited"

Jun 07, 2018 - Jun 09, 2018

The Closing Conference entitled the “Transformative Power of Europe Re-Visited” took place between 7-9 June 2018 at the Harnack House in Berlin-Dahlem. With more than 130 participants, most of them researchers, alumni, and former fellows of the KFG, it was a major event. As indicated by the title, the conference was an opportunity to review the main research questions that have oriented the KFG for the past ten years, and moreover, to present and discuss its major outcomes and achievements in terms of its knowledge production, and in light of the new political challenges that have affected Europe and beyond.

Please klick here to read the full conference report, published in our latest KFG-Newsletter edition.

Furthermore we highly recommend to you the video recordings, made during our closing conference. Please klick here for watching.