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Looking back at ten successful years of research – An introductory film about the KFG!

News from Sep 11, 2018

After ten successful years of research, the Kolleg-Forschergruppe “The Transformative Power of Europe” is going to close down on October 31, 2018. In the beginning of June, we organized our last international conference “The Transformative Power of Europe Re-Visited”. Now, we want to take a look back at the conference and the KFG as such and therefore invite you to watch this short introductory film, featuring comments by Tanja A. Börzel and Thomas Risse, David Levi-Faur, Sören Stapel, Stefano Palestini and Liesbet Hooghe. Enjoy!


We would like to thank: DFG, FU Berlin, CEDIS (Center for Digital Systems), Harnack Haus, Seminaris CampusHotel Dahlem, Domäne Dahlem, One By One (band), Martin Funck (photographer), Copy-Repro-Center, and every involved researcher, colleague and student assistant for the support and assistance during the event. Last but not least, thanks to every participant of the conference!

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