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KFG Working Paper No. 37 and 38 published

News from Apr 13, 2012

We are pleased to announce that the KFG Working Papers No. 37 and 38 have been published.



No. 37: "Beyond Federalism: Estimating and Explaining the Territorial Structure of Government"

The authors Liesbet Hooghe and Gary Marks suggest that variation in the structure of government is a difference of kind rather than degree. They estimate the authority of intermediate government by analyzing data for 39 countries since 1950 and by comparing their findings with those of alternative measurements. As a result, they find evidence for the causal effect of population.


No. 38: "The European Commission in the 21st Century. Core Beliefs on EU Governance"

The author Liesbet Hooghe charts Commission officials’ views on the governance, ideological direction, and policy scope of the European Union, employing data from a large survey conducted in Autumn 2008. She finds that, first, the Commission is not a hothouse for supranationalism, second, that the ideology of Commission officials is broadly representative of European societies, and, third, that they want more EU authority, but driven by functional imperatives as well as by values and ideology, not by a generalized preference for maximal Commission power.



All KFG Working Papers are available online or can be ordered in print via transform-europe@fu-berlin.de