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Call for Papers, Workshop: "Regionalism, Norm Diffusion and Social Policy: Dealing with Old and New Crises in Europe and Latin America"

News from Apr 25, 2013




Regionalism, Norm Diffusion and Social Policy:

Dealing with Old and New Crises in Europe and Latin America


An international workshop hosted by the Research College (Kolleg-Forschergruppe)

“The Transformative Power of Europe”

Freie Universität Berlin

Berlin, 22-23 November 2013


The world has seen a dramatic revival of regional integration since the late 1980s, yet little research has provided sustained comparative analyses of these institutions and initiatives. Building on, but seeking to go beyond the European experience, this workshop seeks to foster both institutional and policy-oriented approaches to the study of regionalism. The main aim is to explore the extent to which problems derived from the current economic crisis can be addressed by the provision of social policies at the regional level. The welfare systems of European Union (EU) member-states are being challenged by unprecedented levels of public indebtedness, but regional integration has so far been timid in reproducing their social model at the supranational level. In Latin America, where countries have never achieved comparably efficient welfare systems, and poverty and exclusion have been endemic problems, regional initiatives on social issues have recently become more popular. What role can regional organizations play in the area of social policy? Can the provision of social policy at the regional level hope to address long-existing problems of Latin America development, or the new problems emerging in Europe? To what extent, and through what mechanisms, have regional models of social policy in Europe and Latin America travelled via bi-regional relationships, such as between the EU and Mercosur, or the EU and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC).

The workshop aims to explore these questions by focusing on the supply and demand of governance at the regional level, and on the transformative power of regions. We welcome research both on institutional change and on the diffusion of policy ideas in areas of social policy, with a special focus on:

  • Gender;
  • Health;
  • Higher education and research; and
  • Social protection, employment and decent work.

We also welcome research focusing on historical periods as well as on the present. The workshop seeks to contribute to literatures of comparative regionalism, EU studies, diffusion, and international political economy of development.

We invite paper proposals addressing these questions and issues. All papers must be based on original research. Paper proposals must include the name of the presenter and any other authors, a short CV, and an abstract of no more than 250 words. The deadline for the submission of paper proposals is 31 May 2013. Paper proposals should be sent to both Andrea Bianculli and (abianculli@ibei.org) and Andrea Ribeiro Hoffmann (arhoffmann@zedat.fu-berlin.de).

Successful applicants will be informed on or shortly after 10 July 2013. The deadline for circulation of full papers will be October 30 2013. The KFG “The Transformative Power of Europe” will cover accommodation and travel expenses for invited presenters.