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Event: "Transatlantic Democratic Disconnect and the Liberal World Order"

News from Apr 17, 2013

The Kolleg-Forschergruppe "The Transformative Power of Europe" invites you to an event with fellows of the Transatlantic Academy:


Title:Transatlantic Democratic Disconnect and the Liberal World Order

Date: 14 May 2013, 18.00 - 20.00

Location: Otto-Suhr-Institute for Political Science, Ihnestrasse 21, 14195, Hörsaal A

Registration: Please register with an e-mail to transform-europe@fu-berlin.de until 10 May


About the event
Democracy is in trouble. At home in the West, democratic governments often seem crippled in their capacity to deliver what their people want and need. They are neither as responsive nor as accountable as they need to be in an era of hard choices and rising nondemocratic powers.

This hurts western foreign policy. The western democratic disconnect can be seen in the international community’s half-hearted responses to persistent authoritarianism or to dynamic popular upheavals such as the Arab Spring. The engagements in Iraq and Afghanistan have left the very notion of liberal interventionism widely discredited. Democracy promotion is beset by self-doubt, and liberal democracies have begun to pivot away from universal and multilateral institutions toward forms of minilateralism and exclusivity. The economic success of some rising nondemocratic regimes accentuates democracy’s malaise.

What is the best way forward?  In this session, Transatlantic Academy fellows Gunther Hellmann, Kateryna Pishchikova, and Richard Youngs will present this year’s collaborative report The Democratic Disconnect – Citizenship and Accountability in the Transatlantic Community and discuss the current trajectory of European and North American foreign policy. They will also provide thoughts as to how Europe and North America can successfully push for strengthening and renewing the liberal world order.