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The Oxford Handbook of Governance

The Oxford Handbook of Governance

The Oxford Handbook of Governance
Image Credit: Oxford University Press www.ukcatalogue.oup.com

Edited by KFG alumnus David Levi-Faur, the Oxford Handbook of Governance is an authoritative reference for students and scholars in the governance field.

The volume presents the core concepts and knowledge that have evolved in the study of governance in different levels and arenas of politics and policymaking. In doing so it establishes itself as the essential point of reference for all those studying politics, society, and economics from a governance perspective.

The volume comprises fifty-two chapters from leaders in the field. The chapters are organized in nine sections dealing with topics that include governance as the reform of the state, democratic governance, European governance, and global governance. (Source: www.ukcatalogue.oup.com)

 "Governance is now the cutting edge focus of research in political science. This splendid collection of new essays by prominent scholars summarize the existing literature and advance fruitful lines of inquiry into governance at and between scales of political activity." - Peter M. Haas, Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst

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Levi-Faur, David (ed.) 2012: The Oxford Handbook of Governance, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

ISBN 978-0-19-956053-0