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Policy Briefs


The moment of truth: how the EU can build the ground for lasting environmental policy change in Morocco

Eva-Maria Maggi - June 2012 // Download


No settlement without a proactive policy: The European Union and the secessionist conflicts in the post-Soviet space

Barbara Gaweda, Marco Siddi - May 2012 // Download


What the EU can do to support further minority protection in Turkey

Gözde Yilmaz - April 2012 // Download


Implementing Deep Free Trade between EU and Ukraine – Time for a new approach

Julia Langbein - April 2012 // Download


No membership without stability in Northern Kosovo: Seven recommendations on how to achieve it

Imke Pente - April 2012 // Download


A wake-up call from enlargement fatigue: The cases of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia

Anne Bercio, Katrin Böttger - March 2012 // Download